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Tip Toey Joey
Our Autumn-Winter 2017 collection “Bedtime Stories” was inspired by Lua and Pedrinho’s family, fathers of Teresa, Irene and João. The texts and pictures of this collection were made specially to Tip Toey Joey by Pedrinho Fonseca himself – author of the blog “Do seu Pai” (From your Dad). Get to know more about it at
Tip Toey Joey
“POETRY is when we wake up with rhyme and flow. If rouses us from sleep, jumping and saying ‘I love you’ – one little daughter at a time, followed by the older son. The day rises and begins. Poetry puts a smile on the face of routine, it doesn’t matter the day, month or season of the year. We are 5. Teresa, 2 years old. Irene, 4. João, 8. Then Lua and I, the luckiest mother and father of these beings. We write our own story, it tells us about who we are and what we want to be. The most ordinary poetry is born, the perception that our existence is only completed by the other, when we finally arise – jumping on the bed, full of joy. We find out that on this day, there is a new chance for us to be happy. This is it, day after day, how our story is written.”


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